Hester Fabrication was started in 2010 out of a little garage in Oakland, Ca. After working in heavy construction for over a decade, civil engineer Daniel Hester decided it was time to open a job shop of his own. Daniel is passionate about designing and fabricating unique solutions to complex problems. He's obsessed with the details, and building things that will last forever.

In 2014, Hester Fab made the move to its current facility in Hayward Airport Industrial Park. Business continues to grow as customers realize the value of having an all-in-one design, engineering, and fabrication facility.  With all the benefits of a small shop, and all the capabilities of a large facility, HF create the highest quality design and fabrication work in the industry. 


Daniel Hester, Founder

Daniel Hester.JPG

Daniel is our founding engineer.  He’s got a degree in Civil Engineering, and an extensive background in heavy construction. His experience managing projects like the St. Louis Bridge in Mississippi, and the San Francisco Bay Bridge Self-Anchored Suspension Span afforded him intimate knowledge in heavy lifting and rigging design, and maybe most importantly, gave him an understanding of the importance of effective and efficient project management. 

Daniel’s innovative designs have proven valuable to clients all over the world – from the tech industry, to construction companies, manufacturers, retailers, and beyond.  Everything he creates improves workflow, and decreases safety risk and human error. He is passionate about building products that deliver clients the intangible value of custom designed solutions that are durable enough to last a lifetime. 

Daniel’s got a bad ass wife, Candace, who can definitely lift more than you can, a 3-year-old son, Chance, that can already drive a forklift and operate our overhead cranes, and a Doberman, Hayden, who acts as our shop foreman and security system. 


Jason has years of experience designing robust, turnkey solutions for automated manufacturing environments. He spends his time at Hester Fabrication designing and redesigning all of the engineering details that turn HF solutions into reality. He’s one of those rare engineers that can comfortably design a part, assembly, or system, and then walk out to the shop and build it himself. Jason is invaluable to us in that regard. He knows how to create drawings and models that will translate to the fabrication team without and risk of error.

Outside the shop Jason spends his time drinking beer, going to concerts, and getting tattoos.  In case there was ever any debate, he is definitely the coolest guy that works here.  



Dan started working at Hester Fabrication and suddenly we were better at everything. His slight OCD (or just plain love for organization), keeps us moving quickly and efficiently. He’s the middle man between our front office and the shop, and constantly improves our communication, systems, and productivity. Dan works harder and longer than the rest of us. He takes great ownership and pride in what he builds, and that is a quality that can’t be taught. 

In his spare time, Dan enjoys heading over to our local airport to fly gliders. He also loves hiking, road trips, and hanging out at home, watching Netfilx and petting his bird (yes, his bird).


Janette manages the front office of the business.  Besides being the friendly voice on the end of the phone when you call, she handles all the accounting, payroll, and purchasing.