Custom Device Mover

Problem: An odd shaped, highly delicate, extremely heavy device needed to be picked up and moved into final position inside of a building in Europe in less than 2 weeks.

Why They Chose Hester Fabrication: With years of experience lifting and maneuvering large objects for the heavy construction industry, Hester Fabrication’s engineering team has a resume of work that speaks for itself.  That, matched with a nimble and well equipped shop, made HF the obvious chose to design and fabricate the solution.

Solution: HF designed and built a custom device that could be broken down and easily packaged for international air-freight, and be easily re-assembled on site.  With a team of skilled fabricators working some long hours, it took just 2 days after the design was complete for the prototype to be ready to test.  The test went off without any hiccups and the device was crated and shipped to the happy customer.

After the first prototype was complete, Hester Fabrication redesigned the system to ship in a smaller package and improved the mechanics of operation to reduce labor time in the field.  While the complex geometry would be impossible for most shops to obtain, with careful engineering and the right machinery, HF is able to repeatedly produce this design in a cost effective manner.  We have now manufactured dozens of units and deployed them to countries like Singapore, Netherlands, Dubai, Australia and many regions in China. This has been our farthest moving product.