Conxtech Manufacturing Fixtures

Problem: A structural steel fabricator was rapidly expanding their fabrication system into the global market and needed to redesign their specialty fixturing system so that it could be rapidly mass produced while maintaining critical dimensional tolerances.

Hester Fabrication Value Add: As one of the rare shops that can engineer a solution, completely build it in house, and from scratch, we were the right partners to design a system for our clients specific manufacturing needs. When dimensional tolerance is critical, we understand how to get the results from paper/digital concept to reality.

Solution: Hester Fabrication started with the customer’s current system and looked at what was working well and what could be improved.  After our product improvement analysis, our engineers then went back to the drawing board and redesigned it from scratch. Polishing the good, improving on previous weaknesses, all the while keeping mass scalability of a global market in mind. This resulted in robust, repeatable systems that improves their current production metrics while allowing components to be quickly manufactured as the needs of their business growth requires.