"The Spaceframe"

Problem: A global leader in video and GPS data collection required a specialized spaceframe to be made to insanely tight tolerances, with perfect welds, and meet tight schedule constraints.

Why They ChoseHester Fabrication: Coming to us with a completed design meantthey knew exactly what they were looking for, but they had yet to find a fabricator that had enough engineering and management skill to execute the work to their standards.  Hester Fabrication was the perfect match to meet their requirements for this project.

Solution: Hester Fabrication designed and built fixturing system that allowed our welders to flawlessly execute difficult welds to AWS D17.1 aerospace standards while maintaining the geometric tolerances that the project required.  The project required X-ray weld inspection of full penetration welds, dye penetrant testing of fillet welds, and full lifecycle fatigue testing of first production units. We executed the work with zero weld defects.