4D Custom Tool Box

Problem: No current toolboxes on the market could stand up to the demands of an industrial work environment. Anyone that has worked in a fabrication shop knows that tools take a beating, and the toolbox is no exception.  This means that in no time at all panels are dented, drawers don’t work, and the wheels don’t roll.

Solution: Hester Fabrication threw out the book on how a toolbox is built and went back to the drawing board to make something totally different.  The thinnest piece of metal in our boxes is 12 gauge (.1046”) compared to 18 and 20 gauge in most competitor boxes.  Our ball bearing drawer slides are rated up to 450lbs per drawer minimum!  While that by itself is impressive, what really sets our boxes apart is that they are built inside of a steel tube chassis capable of supporting thousands of pounds.  The results are tool and material storage system that is capable of a lifetime of abuse in the harshest environments without damage.  They are also built as a modular system that can be expanded to fitalmost limitless applications. 

"It's the Rolex of tool boxes"