Austin Weiss Gun Vault

Custom Gun Safe

Problem: Some people just have way more guns than you could ever fit in a gun safe.

Solution: We designed and built a gun vault capable of storing hundreds of guns with enough spare room to store yours, and 50 of your closest friends ammunition supply.  As we normally do we overbuilt it just to be safe.  The exterior wall is made up of two layers of ¼” steel plate with 1.5” of concrete between them, making a 2” thick composite barrier between the goods on the inside and anything trying to attack from the outside.  Whether a fire, a burglar, or an RPG; the clients guns will be safe. The twin doors are clad with ¾” thick high strength steel plate and fully welded to a 4” deep inner support frame which houses the locking mechanism.  The locking mechanism was completely designed and built in-house from stainless steel, and polished to a bright finish.  There are twelve 1.5” diameter stainless steel locking bolts that hold each door tight to a 5” deep steel frame.  While the vault is built for war, the interior is detail trimmed like a custom build yacht, with polished stainless steel, glass, and fine grain wood throughout.  Weighing in at just over 10,000 lbs this is not a safe for your average gun collector, because we don't do average and neither does he.