Vault Doors

Vault Doors

We take protecting gun collections pretty seriously here at Hester Fab. We made these vault doors at the highest level of security available on the market. 

The entire locking mechanism was designed and fabricated in house, all the bolts holding it shut are stainless steel, and it's got an emergency internal release.

We used all the security standards that we do on our American Tactical Safes, so you can be assured that these doors aren't opening to any intruders any time soon. 

And these vaults were completely lined with Gallowtech, of course. 

Marilyn Tounger

Marilyn lives at Hume Lake year round with her husband. She is (mostly) a homebody, and loves a good cup of coffee, Scottish Fold cats, and her Dyson vacuum. You can follow her on the feeds @marilyntounger.