Our 6, 600 square foot facility is growing daily with new tools, innovations and efficiencies. We have a full catalog of machinery and equipment to go along with our extensive engineering and manufacturing pedigree. We have the resources, expertise and infrastructure necessary to take a problem from definition to solution or turn a dream into a full scale manufacturable product of reality. 75% of our clients are global leaders in many industry market places, because of this experience, we are chosen by the best, time and again, to solve their most difficult problems.

Whether it needs to be designed, cut, drilled, prototyped, bent, welded, manufactured or build, our facility has been designed to meet the dynamic needs of our clients goals. 

Our facility has 2 overhead cranes, providing a surplus of space and lifting capacity for large projects. We have in-house CNC plate cutting, press forming, manual machining & turning, extensive fixturing and custom tooling.

Our shop gives us the ability to maintain the highest of quality standards, without sacrificing a quick turn-around time on projects. 

Here are some of our favorite toys.